Rio Aviation Takes You on a Scenic Flight Over Big Bend

Rio Aviation, the company that offers scenic flights over some of the most spectacular country along the Rio Grande, recently introduced a new aircraft to its fleet when it was acquired by its new owner. The company’s Cessna 205, named “Ol’ Brownie,” has been joined by a twin aircraft, “Cessna 205 Charlie Tango.” Both planes have been modified for short field capabilities, providing a comfortable and stable platform for sightseeing and photography.

Rio Aviation’s founder and former owner, Marcos Paredes, is a retired Big Bend Ranger and pilot with extensive knowledge of the area. He remains as Chief Pilot for Rio Aviation and looks forward to continuing to share his expertise with visitors to the Big Bend region.

Rio Aviation’s new owner, Keith Joseph, is also the owner of Ten Bits Ranch, providing quality guest ranch accommodations for visitors to the area. With multiple ratings and many years of flying experience, Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge to Rio Aviation and is expected to take the company to new heights.

Rio Aviation’s hourly rates remain at $150 per person or $500 for four persons, and all flights are subject to weight and weather considerations. To schedule flights and check availability, please call (432) 557-9477.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Big Bend with Rio Aviation and enjoy a unique perspective of the region through their scenic flights.

Rio Aviation Inc.
Terlingua, TX


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