Presidio County Sheriff’s Office Under Scrutiny for Delayed Response to Citizen Complaint Against Sheriff Danny Dominguez

A citizen complaint filed on 4/20/2022 at the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office has yet to receive a response nearly a year later, according to the complainant. The complaint concerned the conduct of Sheriff Danny Dominguez, alleging unsafe driving behavior, a rude and belligerent demeanor, and a failure to identify himself by name and agency during a traffic stop.

Under Texas Occupations Code, specifically Chapter 1701.404, law enforcement agencies in Texas are required to have a process in place for citizens to submit professional standards complaints against officers or the agency. When a citizen submits a complaint, the agency is required to accept the complaint, investigate it in a timely and impartial manner, notify the complainant of the results, maintain a record of the complaint and investigation, and provide an appeal process if the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome.

Despite these legal requirements, the complainant has followed up three times and has yet to receive a response from the agency nearly a year later. This delay raises questions about the agency’s adherence to Chapter 1701.404 and their commitment to holding officers accountable for their conduct.

The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office has not commented on the specific complaint or the delay in response. However, the agency’s failure to adhere to the legal requirements of Chapter 1701.404 is cause for concern and highlights the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement agencies.

Citizens have a right to expect that their complaints will be taken seriously and that law enforcement agencies will take prompt action to address any issues raised. When agencies fail to do so, it undermines public trust in law enforcement and the justice system as a whole.

The delay in response to the complaint against Sheriff Dominguez at the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office serves as a reminder of the need for increased accountability and transparency in law enforcement agencies across Texas.

Big Bend Times did reach out to Sheriff Dominguez several times to get his side of the story. Just like the formal complaint filed last April, our three messages, communicated via live voice calls with Dispatchers Monica Sanchez and Christian Davis, went unanswered.

Image: Big Bend Times Image of a Black and White Photo that hangs next to Rick Thompson’s in the lobby of the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office


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