Big Bend Border Patrol Sector: A Growing Force in a Vast and Rugged Region

The Big Bend Border Patrol Sector, once a loosely organized group of out stations, has grown into a highly mobile enforcement organization tasked with safeguarding the largest geographical area of any sector along the Southwest border. The sector was officially renamed from the Marfa Border Patrol Sector on October 1, 2011, to better reflect its area of responsibility.

Spanning 165,154 square miles and encompassing 77 counties in Texas and the entire state of Oklahoma, the Big Bend Sector is strategically located across the northward route of travel from northern Chihuahua and Coahuila, Mexico, to the agricultural areas of West Texas. The sector is responsible for patrolling 517 miles of river front along the Rio Grande River, which serves as the international boundary between the United States and Mexico.

The sector headquarters is located at 300 Madrid Street, Marfa, Texas. Stations can be found in Sierra Blanca, Van Horn, Marfa, Presidio, Alpine, Sanderson, Ft. Stockton, and Lubbock. The dedicated men and women of the United States Border Patrol assigned to the Big Bend Sector work every day with the safety and security of the American people in mind.

For those interested in employment opportunities with the Border Patrol, the sector can be contacted to speak with a recruiter. Additional information about careers can be found on their website.

For community or media-related inquiries, the Big Bend Sector Public Affairs Office can be reached at (432) 729-5200. The same number can be used for vehicle seizure or asset forfeiture inquiries.

Follow Big Bend Sector on social media:

Big Bend Border Patrol Sector
300 Madrid Street, Marfa, TX 79843
(432) 729-5200 or 1-888-536-6204


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