La Kiva Restaurant in Terlingua to Reopen in May 2023, Excites Community on Facebook

La Kiva, a famous restaurant in Terlingua, is set to reopen in May 2023 after being closed for some time. The iconic restaurant, known for its unique structure carved out of massive sandstone boulders and hosting live music events, has been a community center and popular spot for locals and tourists for years. The announcement of its reopening has excited the community on Facebook, with many expressing their eagerness to visit.

Katy M. commented, “Yesss! It was such a cool spot!!! Can’t wait!!” Sharon B. also expressed her excitement, saying, “Awesome! Can’t wait!” Other commenters, such as Jennifer S. and Kirk K., shared their eagerness to visit the restaurant when it reopens.

Renee T. exclaimed, “Yes Yes Yes” to express her joy at the news, while Brandy R. hoped the restaurant would be open by May 13th. Patsie B. wondered if there would be a grand reopening celebration.

La Kiva’s reopening will be a significant event for the community, who have missed the unique atmosphere and events it offers. Visitors can expect a grand reopening event, and updates can be found on the new La Kiva Facebook page.

Images by La Kiva


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