La Goldita: A Must-Visit Food Truck for Heavenly Tortas and More in Presidio

For those looking for a delicious meal that will satisfy their cravings, La Goldita food truck is a must-visit destination. Located at 99205 U.S Hwy 67 in Presidio, Texas, this food truck is known for its heavenly tortas and excellent service.

Legend has it that tortas were a gift from the gods to end hunger and bring world peace, and La Goldita is certainly living up to this expectation. Their tortas are mouthwatering and bursting with flavor, with options ranging from classic torta de jamón to more adventurous options like torta de carne asada.

But La Goldita is not just about tortas. This food truck also offers a variety of other delicious options like quesadillas, tacos, burgers, and more. Customers have praised La Goldita not only for their delicious food but also for their friendly staff and excellent service.

If you’re in the Presidio area, make sure to stop by La Goldita food truck for a heavenly torta or any of their other tasty menu items. You won’t be disappointed.

La Goldita
99205 U.S Hwy 67, Presidio, TX
Phone: +43 2238 4606

Images by La Goldita


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