La Kiva Restaurant & Bar Set to Reopen This Month After Lengthy Closure

The iconic La Kiva Restaurant & Bar in Terlingua, Texas, is set to reopen in this month after being closed for an extended period. Andy and Mallory Mundy, the owners of Long Draw Pizza, are excited to revive the popular establishment and have committed to maintaining its unique character and history.

The couple is currently working on improvements, including a new shade covering for the patio and extensive renovations to the stage and roof. They are also developing a new food menu, taste testing every item at a commercial test kitchen in Lubbock. The Mundys are thrilled with the outpouring of support from the community, and they plan to keep everyone updated on the reopening process through their Facebook page.

La Kiva has been a long-standing pillar of the Terlingua community, known for its distinctive structure made of sandstone boulders and live music events. The Mundys have expressed their commitment to preserving the beloved bar’s history and character while adding their own touch to it.

As the reopening process continues, the community eagerly awaits the return of La Kiva and the unique atmosphere it offers. Stay tuned for updates from the Mundys on the grand reopening of La Kiva in May 2023. “Viva La Kiva!”

Image from a Facebook video by La Kiva Restaurant & Bar

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