Join the Museum of the Big Bend for an Insightful Presentation on the “Republic of Texas War”

The Museum of the Big Bend is hosting a must-see event for history buffs and true crime enthusiasts alike. Join the museum for an insightful presentation on the “Republic of Texas War,” a seven-day standoff between local law enforcement, the Texas Rangers, and Richard Lance McLaren and his followers in the “Republic of Texas (ROT)” militia.

Donna Marie Miller, the author of the first full-length book treatment of the events leading up to McLaren’s “declaration of war” and its aftermath, will present a multifaceted perspective of the historical incident and a detailed chronicle of a modern American anti-government militia, its victims, and the events that led to its eventual downfall. The presentation opens with a foreword by the FBI negotiator who served as an on-site consultant throughout the crisis.

The book also focuses on Jo Ann Turner, a frantic woman drowning in debt who was drawn into the false ideology espoused by McLaren, which eventually led to her personal undoing. The presentation features additional presenters, including Albert Valadez, who served as prosecutor of the state trial against the ROT in Alpine, and Todd Jagger, who operated an internet provider in Fort Davis at the time of the standoff.

Don’t miss this riveting account of one of Texas’ most infamous standoffs. Join the Museum of the Big Bend for an informative evening that delves into the details of this historical event. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit the museum’s website.


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