Brewster County Deputies and Border Patrol Apprehend 26 Illegal Aliens After Tractor Trailer Flees US Checkpoint

In the early hours of Sunday, law enforcement officials were alerted to a suspicious tractor trailer approaching the US Border Patrol Checkpoint on Highway 118, South of Alpine. The driver of the vehicle pulled to the shoulder about a quarter mile from the checkpoint and, along with a group of people, fled the scene.

Responding quickly, Brewster County Deputies, US Border Patrol Agents, and a Texas State Trooper arrived at the location and began a search for the suspects. After a brief pursuit, they were able to apprehend 26 illegal aliens. However, an estimated 10 individuals are still being tracked at this time.

All of the suspects were referred to Border Patrol Agents for processing, and the driver is currently facing smuggling charges.

In a statement released by the Brewster County Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Ronny Dodson urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately.

“If you observe any suspicious activity, call the Sheriff’s Office at (432)837-5541, or 911 for emergencies,” he said.

The Brewster County Sheriff’s office also provided a photo of the apprehended suspects, which can be viewed on their official website. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Image by Brewster County Sheriff’s Office


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