Hotel Paisano: A Nostalgic Journey Through the “Giant” Memorabilia Room

Nestled in the heart of Marfa, Texas, Hotel Paisano offers more than just comfortable accommodations and top-notch amenities. For movie buffs and fans of the iconic 1956 film “Giant,” the hotel’s Giant memorabilia room is a must-see attraction.

A Brief History of Hotel Paisano

Built in the 1930s, Hotel Paisano is a historic gem, featuring 41 rooms and suites, a seasonally heated pool, an extensive gift shop and art gallery, fitness center, and a casual restaurant and lounge with a relaxing courtyard. The hotel is located in Presidio County, Texas, and has been an integral part of Marfa’s history and charm.

“Giant” and Hotel Paisano

Though the hotel itself doesn’t appear onscreen in “Giant,” it played a significant role behind the scenes. The cast and crew, including stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean, along with director George Stevens, stayed at Hotel Paisano during the filming of the movie. The hotel’s bar and restaurant were popular gathering spots for the cast and crew, and Stevens even used the hotel’s ballroom to screen daily footage.

The Giant Memorabilia Room

Today, Hotel Paisano pays homage to its connection with “Giant” through a dedicated memorabilia room. This unique space is filled with photographs, movie posters, and other fascinating memorabilia that showcases the impact of this classic film on both the hotel and the surrounding area. Fans of the movie can immerse themselves in the nostalgia and relive the moments shared by Taylor, Hudson, Dean, and the rest of the cast and crew.

As part of the Texas Classics Film Trail and the Texas Westerns Film Trail, Hotel Paisano’s Giant memorabilia room is not only an essential stop for movie enthusiasts but also a testament to the rich film history in Texas.

Experience Hotel Paisano and the Giant Memorabilia Room

Whether you’re a fan of “Giant” or just interested in exploring the unique history of Marfa, the Giant memorabilia room at Hotel Paisano is a captivating attraction. So, next time you’re in Marfa, don’t miss the opportunity to step back in time and experience this cherished piece of film history.


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