Visit The Painted Feather Gallery in the Historic Terlingua Ghost Town

The Painted Feather Gallery, owned by self-taught artist Dani Bottenfield, is nestled in the heart of the historic Terlingua Ghost Town. Located in Page, Texas, the gallery showcases Bottenfield’s stunning paintings of birds, landscapes, and various creatures. In addition, the gallery is also a platform for local artists to display their own creations.

Bottenfield’s love for birds is evident in her art, particularly her hummingbird paintings. Her landscapes of the Big Bend area also capture the beauty and essence of the region. Her work is not limited to traditional art forms as she also creates fantasy art and book illustrations.

Apart from her original pieces, Bottenfield also has a coloring book called “I Love Bunnies” available for purchase at the gallery or on Amazon. She is a member of the Big Bend Arts Council and Terlingua Visual Arts.

A visit to The Painted Feather Gallery offers not only an opportunity to appreciate beautiful art but also a chance to explore the rich history of Terlingua Ghost Town.


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