Fidel’s Grocery: Fort Stockton’s Go-to Store for a Taste of Tradition and Warm, Friendly Service

Fidel’s Grocery, located at 301 W Callaghan St in Fort Stockton, Texas, is a beloved small-town neighborhood store that has been a staple in the community for generations. Known for its diverse selection of products, ranging from candy and alcohol to Mexican treats and lottery tickets, Fidel’s Grocery has established itself as a one-stop-shop for locals and visitors alike.

Customers rave about Fidel’s Grocery’s unique offerings and friendly service. Alejandra L. praises the store for selling “a little bit of everything,” including molcajetes and money transfer programs like endramex and dinemex for sending money to Mexico. Alyssa B. describes Fidel’s Grocery as a “little local gem” where customers can find a wide variety of items, such as spicy pickles, soda, milk, Mexican candy, and stamps, all provided by the “wonderful and friendly” owner.

The store’s longstanding presence in the community has made it a cherished tradition for many families. Katherine E. shares that Fidel’s Grocery has been a favorite spot for her family, from her grandparents to her children, and fondly recalls the store’s signature clean scent.

In addition to its nostalgic charm, Fidel’s Grocery is known for its excellent customer service. Debra R. states that the store offers “the best service in town,” while Oscar G. appreciates the friendly atmosphere and the variety of items available for purchase. Regina D. loves the store because the staff always greets customers with a smile.

With its rich history, diverse product offerings, and a reputation for outstanding service, Fidel’s Grocery is a must-visit destination for anyone in the Fort Stockton area looking for a taste of tradition and warm, friendly service.


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