Cottonwood General Store: A Desert Oasis of Essential Supplies and More

Cottonwood General Store, located at 53710 Texas State Highway 118, is a one-stop-shop for all the essentials and even some unexpected items. This hidden gem offers a wide variety of goods, from camping supplies and coffee makers to car fluids and potting soil.

Visitors to the Big Bend area and locals alike have praised the store’s well-stocked shelves, cleanliness, and friendly staff. Gary M. recommends the store, stating, “When you are visiting the Big Bend area you definitely want to shop at the Cottonwood General Store.” Another satisfied customer, Jeff W., describes the store as “a treasure,” with an impressive selection packed into a small space.

Cottonwood General Store also boasts a fresh inventory of produce, meat, cheese, eggs, and even bakery items. The store offers a selection of pantry items, as well as hiking and camping supplies, medications, first aid products, and tools. Google reviewer Gene, a local guide, notes the store’s “amazing selection so far out in the desert,” while another reviewer, Davis P., commends their inventory, saying, “This small store has just about everything you need.”

Despite its remote location, Cottonwood General Store maintains a clean and well-organized space. Reviewers appreciate the convenience it offers, with one reviewer stating, “It’s always a blessing being able to drive nearby to get the necessities we need to survive and thrive down here in this beautiful majestic place we call Terlingua, without having to drive over 90 miles to Alpine or 65 to Presidio to get groceries.”

Visit Cottonwood General Store at 53710 Texas State Highway 118, Terlingua, TX, United States, Texas. For more information, call (432) 371-3315 or email


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