Bordo: A New Italian Deli in Marfa, TX

Marfa, TX has a new Italian deli, Bordo, which is offering fine Italian goods, including sandwiches, pasta, and gelato. All the products are made on the premises, including stone-milled heirloom flours, fresh pastas, seasonal gelato, and sandwiches from wood-fired bread. The deli also offers fine olive oils, herbs, spices, conservas, charcuterie, and specialty cheeses that are imported.

Bordo is open for lunch on Friday through Monday from 11am to 3pm. The deli is located at 1210 W. San Antonio st. in Marfa, TX, and its website is Customers can visit the deli or order pasta and other Italian goods online. The deli also ships fresh pasta and other products to customers who order from their website.

Bordo is the brainchild of Chef Michael Anthony Serva, who specializes in Italian cuisine and has over 15 years of experience in fine dining. The front of the house is managed by GM Hannah Texie Bailey, who has years of experience in fine dining service, mixology, event planning, and hosting. She integrates her arts, ceramics, sculpture, and design background into her hosting and drink programs to create a tactile and unique experience for customers.

Bordo’s mission is to offer a sublime experience with no threads showing, from large weddings to intimate gatherings. The team aims to not only feed but also nourish and create forever memories with a level of excellence and care as if they were serving their own family. The deli’s specialty includes fresh pasta, house-milled heirloom grain, seasonal gelato, imported cheese and charcuterie, wood-burning pizza trailer, vibrant produce, and true romance.

Bordo is an Italian word that means to provide a service with as much quality as commonly possible. Chef Serva and GM Bailey are confident in their products and services, and they cannot wait to show customers what they can do.

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