Somewhere Over The Rainbow: A New Kind of Retail and Re-Generation in Fort Davis

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a unique retail store in Fort Davis, Texas, is on a mission to promote sustainability and regeneration. This eclectic shop for gifts and sundries is co-owned and managed by a family of three with a passion for art, creativity, and environmental protection.

After spending two decades away from the small town of Fort Davis, Gabriel Robinette, Gaia Robinette, and Gwen Simmons moved 1500 miles to get back to their beloved community. They wanted to create a retail/graphic fusion store that reflects their spiritual and ecological ideals while educating and illuminating customers about sustainable living.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow sells a wide range of products, including custom-designed graphic products, curated eco-friendly and low-waste packaging merchandise, health and wellness-related goods and services, and a selection of vintage, pre-used, and recycled items. The store follows the General Store/Mercantile Model of retail, offering seasonal items like organic seeds and gardening supplies, art, jewelry, cards, and home decor.

While the store aims to cater to a diverse market base, its founders prioritize the local community and economy, which largely depend on a seasonal tourist trade. However, they recognize that running a business in a small town requires access to a larger market, and they plan to expand their presence both online and in physical stores.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is more than just a retail store; it is a vehicle toward realizing a more Regenerative lifestyle. The co-owners pledge to give back to the community and participate in the betterment of all by allocating a percentage of their profit to Earth-Centric Organizations like the Nature Conservancy.

If you’re in Fort Davis, make sure to check out Somewhere Over the Rainbow, where retail and regeneration meet.

Images by Somewhere Over the Rainbow 


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