Poco Mexico Cafe: A Local Favorite with Rave Reviews in Fort Davis

Located in Fort Davis, Texas, Poco Mexico Cafe has been consistently earning rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. With a 4.6 rating based on 111 reviews on Facebook, the family-run Mexican restaurant offers customers a diverse and delicious menu at reasonable prices.

Customers have praised Poco Mexico Cafe for its friendly atmosphere, great service, and outstanding food. From the best burgers in town to delicious Mexican dishes, this small-town gem has quickly become a favorite among the community.

John Morris, a reviewer on Facebook, claimed that Poco Mexico Cafe has “absolutely the best burger in town” and praised the eatery for its affordability. Another reviewer, G.T. Wylie, wrote that they couldn’t find a Mexican restaurant as good as Poco Mexico Cafe.

Daryl Bergmann, a frequent visitor to the area, highlighted the exceptional service provided by the small family-run business. He thanked the establishment for consistently providing a great meal every time he came through Fort Davis.

Poco Mexico Cafe’s popularity extends beyond its regular patrons. Polly Barber Moore mentioned that the cafe is a local favorite with a big crowd, despite not being open for long hours. Robert Miles, another Facebook reviewer, said that Poco Mexico Cafe is a must-visit whenever he is back home.

While the restaurant’s menu includes a variety of delicious dishes, some customers have singled out their favorites. Jo Anne Ortega recommended the hamburgers, while Sarah Rodriguez-Stark praised the chili relenos. Many reviewers expressed their desire for the cafe to extend its hours, so they can enjoy the food even more.

Poco Mexico Cafe’s consistently high ratings and glowing reviews make it a must-visit destination for both locals and travelers passing through Fort Davis, Texas. The combination of great food, excellent service, and a welcoming atmosphere ensures that this family-run cafe will continue to be a favorite for years to come.


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