Marfa Art Supply Sets New Course: Relocates and Transitions Ownership

Marfa Art Supply, a cherished establishment within the Marfa community and Far West Texas, is embarking on a significant transformation. The beloved art supply store has recently announced both a change in location and ownership.

After operating for three successful years at its previous location, Marfa Art Supply has now settled into its new home at the Marfa Open Art Gallery, conveniently located at 102 S Plateau, behind the Dairy Queen. The move brings an exciting opportunity for the business to integrate with the vibrant art scene that thrives in Marfa.

Although the new location is open for business, Marfa Art Supply is currently undergoing a soft opening phase. During this period, the focus is on diligently building up the product inventory, establishing efficient systems, and assembling a dedicated team to provide the best possible service to the Far West Texas community.

The decision to relocate and change ownership marks a significant milestone for Marfa Art Supply. Since its inception in 2020, the store has become a cornerstone of the local art community, supplying artists with a wide range of high-quality materials to fuel their creativity. The transition represents an opportunity for growth and development, as well as a chance to further support the artistic endeavors of the region.

Marfa Art Supply’s commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic culture remains unwavering. The new location within the Marfa Open Art Gallery will not only serve as a hub for art supplies but also as a gathering place for creative individuals to connect and exchange ideas.


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