El Sol Food Truck to Open in Alpine, Texas, Bringing Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Alpine residents and visitors will soon have a new culinary destination as El Sol Food Truck prepares to open its doors. Located at 2201 N Hwy 118, near the RH Dirtwork Lot, this food truck promises to deliver authentic Mexican cuisine to satisfy the local cravings.

El Sol Food Truck’s menu will feature a variety of Mexican delights, including carne asada tacos, cali style burritos, tacos dorados, and loaded fries. Each dish will be prepared using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, ensuring an authentic taste experience.

Operating initially from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, El Sol Food Truck aims to provide a convenient lunch option for the busy workweek. With a focus on quality and flavorsome offerings, this new addition to Alpine’s culinary scene is set to create a buzz among food enthusiasts.

The vibrant and friendly atmosphere of El Sol Food Truck is designed to enhance the dining experience. Customers can expect a welcoming seating area and a dedicated staff committed to delivering outstanding service.

Stay tuned for the official launch date of El Sol Food Truck, as locals eagerly anticipate the arrival of this exciting new eatery. For more information and updates, follow https://www.facebook.com/ElSol432.


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