Davis Mountains Inn Welcomes New Innkeepers Sid and Elena Rodriguez

Davis Mountains Inn, a serene bed-and-breakfast nestled in the heart of Fort Davis, is thrilled to announce the arrival of its new innkeepers, Sid and Elena Rodriguez. With their exceptional attention to detail and warm hospitality, the Rodriguezes have quickly made their mark on the beautiful inn.

Sid, a recent retiree from the El Paso Fire Department, brings with him a strong work ethic and a passion for serving others. Elena, who previously worked in the El Paso Independent School District and dedicated herself to homemaking, complements Sid’s skills with her nurturing nature and effortless conversation.

Prior to joining Davis Mountains Inn, the couple had planned to embark on a cross-country adventure, but the allure of the inn and its enchanting surroundings proved too irresistible. They graciously accepted the opportunity to become part of the Davis Mountains Inn team, and their presence has been warmly embraced by both guests and the local community.

Guest reviews continue to sing praises for the inn, highlighting the Rodriguezes’ personal touch and unwavering commitment to ensuring a delightful stay. The inn features seven unique bedrooms and suites, each offering a range of amenities including spa bathrooms, satellite TV, high-speed wireless internet, private living areas, wet bars, and private exterior entrances. The main house boasts a welcoming common living room with cathedral ceilings, a cozy fireplace, and ample natural light streaming in through its expansive windows and doors.

One of the highlights of a stay at Davis Mountains Inn is the delectable continental-style breakfast served daily. Guests can indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes between 8:00 and 9:00 am, setting the tone for a day of relaxation and exploration in the surrounding natural beauty.

Moreover, the inn’s convenient location adjacent to the MacMillan RV Park makes it an ideal choice for families planning reunions, retreats, or group gatherings. The combination of comfortable lodging and nearby RV spaces ensures that everyone can enjoy a memorable experience together.

If you happen to encounter Sid and Elena Rodriguez in the Fort Davis community, be sure to extend them a warm welcome. Their dedication to providing an exceptional guest experience has already made a lasting impression, and their presence adds to the allure of Davis Mountains Inn.

For more information or to book your stay at Davis Mountains Inn, visit their website at www.davismountainsinn.com or contact them at +1 432-426-3939. The inn is located at 1/2 Mile South Hwy 17 of the Fort Davis Courthouse, Fort Davis, TX.

Image by Davis Mountains Inn B & B


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