Coming Soon: Brews & Hues – Alpine’s Painting and Drinking Destination

Get ready to paint, sip, and socialize at Brews & Hues, an exciting new painting and drinking establishment coming soon to 209 East Holland Avenue in Alpine, Texas. This unique concept combines the joy of creating art with the lively atmosphere of a bar, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for locals and visitors alike.

Brews & Hues is set to become Alpine’s go-to destination for those looking to explore their artistic talents while enjoying their favorite beverages. Whether you’re an experienced painter or a beginner, this new establishment will welcome all skill levels. Talented instructors will guide participants through step-by-step painting sessions, ensuring that everyone can create their own masterpiece to take home.

Located at 209 East Holland Avenue in Alpine’s vibrant downtown area, Brews & Hues promises a welcoming and inspiring environment. The interior will be carefully designed to foster creativity and provide a comfortable space where patrons can let their imagination run wild.


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