Explore the Captivating World of Snakes and Reptiles at Rattlers And Reptiles Museum in Fort Davis

Rattlers And Reptiles Museum, located at 1400 N. State St., is a captivating destination that offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience live exhibits featuring snakes, spiders, and various bugs. The museum has become a Fort Davis staple, attracting locals and tourists alike, and is known for its impressive collection and knowledgeable owner, Scott.

According to Google Reviews, Michael B. praised the museum as an “awesome, quirky” attraction. He commended the owner’s expertise [that] provided an excellent opportunity to teach his child about rattlesnake behavior. Michael’s positive review showcases Scott’s dedication to sharing knowledge with visitors and creating a memorable experience for families.

Diana F., another visitor, stumbled upon the museum through Google and shared her experience, advising future visitors to bring cash, as the museum only accepts cash payments. Diana described the museum as a captivating stop, where children were engaged and excitedly calling out the names of the snakes.

John W., appreciating the affordable admission fee, stated, “For five bucks [the price has since increased to $7], this is worth a stop in.” He mentioned the museum’s impressive collection of snakes, spiders, and other creatures that might give you nightmares. John highlighted that the exhibits were well-presented, making it easy to view the snakes and providing an opportunity to delve into the descriptive information provided.

The Rattlers And Reptiles Museum offers an intriguing experience for snake enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Kurt W., a recent visitor, summed it up perfectly, stating, “This place is exactly what you think it is and it’s freaking AWESOME! Good information and nice displays. Really nice little stop during your drive around southwestern Texas!”

If you’re looking for a unique and educational attraction, the Rattlers And Reptiles Museum in Fort Davis, Texas, is a must-visit. Explore their captivating live exhibits, delve into the fascinating world of snakes, spiders, and bugs, and enjoy an informative and memorable experience for the whole family.


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