Discover the Magic of Stop & Read Books: Far West Texas’ Enchanting Literary Haven

Stop & Read Books: Connecting Readers with Unique Literary Experiences

Stop & Read Books, the tiniest bookshop in Far West Texas, is revolutionizing the way readers connect with new and unique books. Since its establishment in 2020, the independent bookstore has been on a mission to bring lifelong readers closer to literary experiences that go beyond traditional book deliveries.

With a focus on building deeper connections, Stop & Read Books offers a one-of-a-kind book subscription service that delivers fresh and relevant reads right to readers’ doorsteps each month. Unlike ordinary book subscriptions, Stop & Read Books curates each box with care, aiming to surprise and delight subscribers with occasional left-field choices.

Every month, Stop & Read Books collaborates with well-known or emerging creatives, bringing subscribers limited-edition, curated boxes of goods. The subscription includes two hand-selected books, along with a personal message from the artist, access to an exclusive discussion forum, AMA sessions with the featured artist, and more.

The June Curator for Stop & Read Books’ subscription box is Pattie Gonia, an intersectional environmentalist, drag queen, and advocate for inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors. Pattie Gonia’s community aims to uplift LGBTQIA+ people and allies in the outdoors, fundraise for important causes, and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Not ready to commit to a subscription? Stop & Read Books also offers one-time curated boxes, allowing readers to experience the joy of receiving a thoughtfully selected literary package.

In addition to their subscription service, Stop & Read Books has recently launched the Stop & Read Cooking Club, catering to foodie-loving friends. This unique club includes a monthly book, exclusive access to the S&R forums to discuss the recipes, and a monthly Q&A with the authors.

Located at 317 W. San Antonio Street in Marfa, Texas, Stop & Read Books invites visitors to explore their selection of books. The store is open most days from 11 AM to 4 PM, providing a welcoming environment for book lovers to discover their next favorite read.

For more information and to join the literary community of Stop & Read Books, visit their website at Follow them on Instagram or contact them via email at

Stop & Read Books
317 W. San Antonio Street Marfa, TX 79843
Instagram: @stopandreadbooks


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