Marfa Art Supply Gears Up for Change: New Location and Ownership on the Horizon

Marfa Art Supply, a cornerstone of the Marfa community and Far West Texas since its inception in 2020, is set for a major transition. The well-loved art supply store has announced a forthcoming change in both location and ownership.

Until April 30, Marfa Art Supply operated from its original location, but is now preparing to move to Marfa Open at 102 S Plateau, situated behind the local Dairy Queen. The new owners are planning a soft reopening, although no specific date has been announced yet.

As of May 12, no updates have been posted on the store’s website or Facebook page about the new store opening. However, the community remains expectant, eagerly anticipating news about the next chapter in the life of this valuable local business.

Marfa Art Supply’s new location: 102 S Plateau, Marfa, Texas. Further information will be provided via their website and social media channels once available.


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