Experience the Enchanting World of Hummingbirds at the 2023 Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration

The highly anticipated Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration, hosted by The High Frontier, is set to take place from August 17 to 20, 2023. This four-day event promises an unforgettable experience for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. With registration opening on May 15, 2023, participants can secure their spots and immerse themselves in the beauty of hummingbirds and the stunning landscapes of the Davis Mountains.

The registration fee for the 2023 Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration is $155 per person. This fee includes admission to the vendor area, the Welcome Reception, all afternoon and evening seminars, and the Saturday evening Banquet. However, field trips are priced separately, and breakfast to-go boxes are provided for participants joining the morning field trips.

To ensure a seamless registration process, participants are required to complete their registration online and electronically sign a liability release form. Multiple registrations can be done, and a confirmation email will be sent, listing the selected activities. In case the registration receipt is not received, participants are advised to check their SPAM folder or contact the organizers at info@DavisMountainsHummingbirdCelebration.com.

In the event of a cancellation of the 2023 Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration, registrants will receive a full refund. However, for other cancellations, the refund policy is as follows: a full refund will be granted if canceled four weeks before August 17 (cutoff date: July 20). A 50% refund will be provided if canceled three weeks before August 17 (cutoff date: July 27). No refunds will be issued for cancellations made two weeks before August 17 (cutoff date: August 3).

The celebration offers a wide range of field trips, each focusing on different bird species and habitats. Participants can choose from various trips, including visits to Christmas Mountains Oasis, Presidio, Dixon Water Foundation’s Alamito Creek Preserve, Historic Miller Ranch and Camp Holland, Marathon’s Post Park, Gage Gardens & Prairie Dog Town, Balmorhea Lake & Sandia Wetlands, TNC Davis Mountains Preserve-Wolf Den, and more. These trips provide unique opportunities to witness diverse bird species in their natural habitats, while experienced guides ensure an informative and enjoyable experience for all.

In addition to the field trips, the Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration features an impressive lineup of presentations. Keynote speaker Jennifer L. Bristol will discuss the accessibility and wonders of birding in Texas, with a focus on easy birding experiences in local parks and cemeteries. Other presentations include “The Art and Science of Hummingbirds” by Dr. Johnny Bliznak, “Preserving Darkness: Nocturnal Environments in the Big Bend Region” by Stephen Hummel, “The Diverse Nightbirds of the Davis Mountains and Trans-Pecos” by Romey Swanson, and more. These presentations provide valuable insights into hummingbird behavior, conservation efforts, and the rich biodiversity of the region.

The Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration is a testament to the beauty and importance of preserving natural habitats and the remarkable species that inhabit them. The event offers a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding and appreciation of hummingbirds and the surrounding ecosystems. With its breathtaking landscapes and abundance of bird species, the Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration is a must-attend event for nature enthusiasts.

For more information and registration, please visit the official website of the Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration: www.DavisMountainsHummingbirdCelebration.com.


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