Texans to Witness Two Eclipses Next Year, McDonald Observatory Offers Online Training for Safe Viewing

Texas residents will have the chance to witness not one, but two eclipses in the coming year, and the McDonald Observatory education and outreach team is stepping up to help educate the public on how to safely view them. The observatory is offering free 90-minute online training sessions for educators across the state who want to learn more about the eclipses and how to safely observe them.

The two eclipses set to take place in Texas are a partial solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, and a total lunar eclipse on March 3, 2024. Both events will provide Texans with the opportunity to witness the breathtaking celestial phenomena.

To prepare for these events, the McDonald Observatory education and outreach team is offering online training sessions on various dates, including Wednesday, May 3, at 10-11:30 am Central Time, Wednesday, May 3, at 1-2:30 pm Central Time, and Thursday, May 11, at 1-2:30 pm Central Time. The training sessions are free and open to the public.

During the training sessions, educators will learn about the science behind eclipses, as well as how to safely view them. Topics covered will include how to use special eclipse glasses, how to build a pinhole camera, and how to avoid common eclipse viewing pitfalls.

Those interested in registering for the free training sessions can do so by visiting http://ow.ly/vTi950NYyEF. Additionally, more information about the eclipses can be found on the McDonald Observatory website at https://mcdonaldobservatory.org/news/releases/20230417.

As the eclipses draw nearer, the McDonald Observatory hopes that these training sessions will help ensure that Texans are able to safely and effectively witness these awe-inspiring celestial events.


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