French Grocer of Marathon Selected by Food & Wine as a Must-Visit Destination

The French Co. Grocer of Marathon, Texas, has been recognized as a must-visit destination by the prestigious Food & Wine magazine. The national publication, known for its exploration of cooking traditions from around the world, has taken notice of the unique offerings and relaxed atmosphere of the French Co. Grocer. The store’s transformation from a convenience store to a general store filled with eclectic products has caught the attention of food lovers everywhere.

Food & Wine, which has been a global culinary authority and tastemaker for over four decades, features tested recipes and shares the best food and drink from around the world. The magazine launched the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and started the Best New Chef awards in 1988, putting more than 354 rising star chefs and leaders on the map.

The French Co. Grocer’s recognition by Food & Wine adds even more prestige to the already popular destination. Visitors can enjoy natural wine, espresso, and freshly grilled hamburgers made with local Texas grass-fed cattle. The store’s owners have carefully curated their products over time, adding new items to create a unique shopping experience.

For those looking for a must-see destination in West Texas, the French Co. Grocer of Marathon is the perfect stop. Its relaxed atmosphere and unique offerings make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Now, with the recognition from Food & Wine, the store is sure to attract even more attention and visitors, cementing its status as a must-visit destination.


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