Limpia Creek Hats: Crafting Timeless, Custom Texas Traditions One Hat at a Time

In the heart of a true frontier town, Limpia Creek Hats has been meticulously crafting custom-made luxury and western hats that capture the essence of Texas heritage. Operated by genuine Texas cowboys, each hat is hand-stitched and tailored to suit the individual style and preferences of its wearer.

Passionate about preserving the cowboy way of life, Limpia Creek Hats has earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality, craftsmanship, and elegance. Utilizing 100% natural beaver felt, these hats not only boast durability and style but also provide protection from the sun during the day and warmth during cool West Texas nights.

Customers can choose from an extensive range of options, including wide brim, tall crown, distinct crease or no crease at all, and various colors, ribbons, and trims. Limpia Creek Hats offers a variety of designs, such as the Cattleman Silver Felt Hat, Fedora Bone Felt Hat, and the West Texas Cattleman Natural Felt Hat, among many others.

In addition to crafting new custom hats, Limpia Creek Hats also offers hat renovations, breathing new life into old favorites. Complete restorations start at $175 and include cleaning, reblocking, and finishing with a lambskin sweatband, satin liner, and similar hat dressing.

Experience the unmatched quality and rich Texas tradition of a custom Limpia Creek Hat for yourself. Visit their shop at 200 North State Street, Fort Davis, or browse their selection online at

Image by Limpia Creek Hats


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