Wassermann’s: A Unique and Charming Gift Shop in Alpine

Wassermann’s is a charming gift shop that offers a unique selection of jewelry, accessories, and souvenirs. The store, located on 106 N 5th St, specializes in alpaca products and is known for its soft and high-quality items.

Megan W. from Alpine, TX, raved about the store’s selection of alpaca products, including blankets, throws, shawls, and scarves. She also noted the store’s variety of gifts for critter lovers, including local Bee Wranch honey.

The store’s teddy bears, made from alpaca fleece, are a standout feature and have been described as “the softest I have ever felt.” In addition to alpaca products, Wassermann’s offers other items such as stuffies and scarves, all of which are made from high-quality materials.

Wassermann’s is owned by Heidi Wassermann, who also owns the Wassermann Wranch, a nearby attraction where visitors can see and interact with alpacas, donkeys, llamas, and even kangaroos.

Overall, Wassermann’s is a must-visit for anyone looking for unique and high-quality gifts in Alpine. With its selection of alpaca products and other charming items, the store is sure to impress.


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