El Perrito Ingles: A Fast-Food Favorite in Ojinaga

El Perrito Ingles, also known as “The Original Fast Food,” has been a local favorite in Ojinaga for its quick and delicious menu offerings. The restaurant offers service options for takeout, home delivery, and in-dining.

Located on Calle Libre Comercio, El Perrito Ingles has a 4.6 rating on Google Reviews, with many customers praising the restaurant’s excellent service and delicious food. Yahir Rguez recommended the restaurant and complimented their food and delivery speed.

The menu at El Perrito Ingles offers a wide selection of fast food options, from hot dogs to burgers to tacos. Customers have raved about the restaurant’s fast delivery and generous portions, with Olivia NC stating, “es muy rapido y rico y delicioso.”

The restaurant’s focus on excellent customer service has not gone unnoticed, with Annel T. S leaving a review stating, “Excellent service and delicious food.” MA Chávez G also praised the restaurant’s food and service.

Guillermo R complimented the restaurant’s British-style hot dogs, while Abraham B noted that the food exceeded his expectations. Marcela RA left a glowing review stating that “Todo riquísimo 100% recomendado.”

Overall, El Perrito Ingles is a must-visit for anyone looking for fast food options in Ojinaga. With its focus on quality and customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why the restaurant has earned such high praise from its customers.

Food Images by El Perrito Ingles


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