Cueva De Leon: A Tex-Mex Treasure in Fort Davis

Cueva De Leon, a Mexican restaurant located at 611 State St, Fort Davis, TX 79734, is a 40+ year old treasure in the heart of Limpia Valley. With a range of Mexican food options, the restaurant has been pleasing customers’ palates for decades. The restaurant offers dine-in and takeout services, and a popular Saturday buffet.

According to Google reviews, customers have nothing but positive things to say about the food at Cueva De Leon. Lionel H., a local guide, states that the restaurant’s authenticity lies in the taste of their refried beans. Robert M. gives the food, service, and atmosphere a 5/5 rating and recommends trying the chiles rellenos. Chrysteen S. raves about the Saturday buffet and the delicious Chile relleno.

In addition to the food, customers also praise the friendly and attentive waitstaff. Virginia F. says that the staff is friendly, beautiful, and wonderful, and she wouldn’t mind moving to Fort Davis just to eat there once a week.


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