Marfa Studio of Arts: Fostering Creativity and Cultural Bridges for the Youth of Marfa

The Marfa Studio of Arts (MSA), a non-profit organization based in Marfa, Texas, has been dedicated to providing year-round arts programming for children and young adults since its establishment in 2000. Founded by artist and arts educator Malinda Beeman, MSA has played an essential role in offering free-of-charge arts education and fostering understanding between the town’s diverse communities through artistic experiences.

MSA operates a 1000-square foot gallery that showcases local artists, community programming, and artwork from its Studio in the Elementary School Program. The MSA Store sells products designed by staff, teachers, children in the art program, and local artists and craftspeople.

As part of its mission, MSA offers the SITES (Studio in the Elementary School) program to provide in-school art education for Marfa’s youth. Additionally, all SITES students have the opportunity to visit local galleries and art institutions, such as Ballroom Marfa, Ayn Foundation, and the Judd and Chinati Foundations. Exposure to these renowned exhibitions and art collections helps broaden students’ awareness of art, architecture, and design, while introducing them to valuable art resources within their community.

The Marfa Studio of Arts continues to be the only arts institution in Marfa offering a year-round, in-school arts program for the community’s children. The organization also supports the vision of area artists by providing a professional exhibition space for their work.

Marfa Studio of Arts
106 E San Antonio St Marfa, TX
(432) 729-4616


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