“Viva La Kiva!”: Owners of Long Draw Pizza to Revive Historic Terlingua Bar

Andy and Mallory Mundy, owners of Long Draw Pizza in Terlingua, Texas, have announced their latest venture: the reopening of the legendary La Kiva bar in May 2023. The couple is excited to take on this new challenge and honor the unique history of the establishment, which has been a community center and popular spot for locals and tourists for years.

In a recent statement, Andy Mundy shared his thoughts on the project, saying, “There’s a lot of you that have asked about our new venture. We’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had time to properly explain to all of you that aren’t from West Texas. It is going to take me a while to gather my thoughts on how to describe La Kiva and what it means. I’ve been around bars all over the planet and very few have the history that it does. For now, just know that this is a life changing event for Mallory and I. We always dream big, but this deal is another level.”

Andy’s primary responsibility will be to develop a menu, staff, and systems to maximize the potential of the business. The couple is committed to honoring and continuing the uniqueness of a place that means so much to so many people. Andy added, “I promise it’s not being taken lightly. It’s really most all I’ve thought about for a month.”

La Kiva is well-known for its one-of-a-kind structure, carved out of massive sandstone boulders, and for hosting live music events. The community has eagerly anticipated the return of the beloved establishment and the unique atmosphere it offers.

As the Mundys prepare for the grand reopening of La Kiva, updates can be found on the La Kiva Facebook page. For now, the community joins them in the excitement and anticipation for the revival of this iconic Terlingua bar, echoing Andy’s sentiment, “Viva La Kiva!”

Image credit: La Kiva


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