Big Bend History: Faver Ranch in 1911, El Fortin del Cibolo

Photograph of the Faver Ranch – Cibolo in El Fortin del Cibolo, Texas.

Milton Faver was the first cattle baron of Presidio County, Texas, born in Virginia around 1822. He fought a duel in Missouri and fled to Mexico, where he met and married Francisca Ramírez. Faver became a successful freighter and expanded his business to include the Chihuahua and Santa Fe Trails. In 1857, Faver settled in the Chinati Mountains of Presidio County and established Cibolo Creek Ranch, consisting of cattle and sheep ranches. He built adobe compounds with defense towers to protect against Indian attacks. Faver’s prime market for cattle was the military at Fort Davis before and after the Civil War. He was an autocrat and individualist, making his own laws and meting out justice on his ranches. In 1888, Faver got out of ranching, and he died of natural causes on December 23, 1889, in Presidio County, buried in an adobe mausoleum on a hill overlooking El Fortín del Cíbolo. Source: Texas State Historical Association

Texas Historical Commission. [Faver Ranch – Cibolo], photograph, 1911; ( accessed April 5, 2023), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Texas Historical Commission.


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