Rangers’ commute at Big Bend Ranch can require rebuilding roads

During the Big Bend’s rainy season, from mid-June to October, flash floods can render Big Bend Ranch’s roads impassable. Last summer, I almost “had to” spend an extra day in the park interior.

A couple of arroyos flashed and after the flash flood ended, the road was still impassible (even by the rangers’ F250 4x4s). Thanks to some fast road repair by Ranger Laura and Ranger Victor (with a CAT and a pile of aggregate material) we all got to go home. Victor, who has worked on Big Bend Ranch for years, said that he has been stuck in the park for several days in the past because of flooding.

Word to the wise: Big Bend Ranch State Park-Texas Parks and Wildlife has several arroyos that can wash out in flash floods. Don’t camp in the park interior during monsoon season if you absolutely must leave at a certain day or time. Rain can be torrential and unpredictable in Big Bend country.

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